Clean Edge 600

Product features – CLEAN EDGE 600 M

CategoryVisible light disinfection system
ManufacturerMALTANI Corp.
Product setVisible Spectrum for Sterilization: LED Edge Flat Panel
Product nameCLEAN EDGE 620×620 (M-BAR)
Model codeColor temperature (K)
(not including sterilizing lamp)
Light intensity


  1. Usage
    To prevent damage to LED lamps. Please do the following.
    • Do not throw or hit the lamp.
    • Do not bend the circuit board. or touch LED
    • Should not be stored in dusty and dirty areas.
    • Do not disassemble the frame of the LED lamp.
    • Avoid touching LEDs, circuit boards, or other electrical circuits. with bare hands or sharp objects
    • When moving the LED lamp. Do not pull electrical wires.
  2. Static electricity.
    Static electricity or electrical surges will damage the fixture. Please follow this advice. To prevent damage from static electricity
    • Workers must be grounded. (Ground loop or anti-static gloves)
    • Workers must wear anti-static clothing
    • All equipment, including workbenches, measuring equipment, and assembly jigs, must always be grounded.
    • When installed The equipment must be grounded.
  3. Other
    • If the voltage supplied to the LED lamp is too high. May damage the LED circuit.
    • Do not stare at the LED lights. directly for a long time.
    • The lamp meets IP20 dust protection standards. No warranty against solids or liquids beyond this.
    • The lamp meets the standard to prevent fire and spread, type HB.


CLEAN EDGE can be installed in any area where lighting is needed
and suitable for the area with a large area busy with people.